10 weeks on the road and Monterrey, Mexico bound

 San Francisco blew me away

It's been nearly 2 months since I wrote a blog posting...My last blog post found me in Colorado on September 10th, 2016 , still in the early stages of this tour. Since then, I've been to Utah, Montana, Wyoming, Idaho, Washington, Oregon, California, Arizona, New Mexico, AND Texas....and tomorrow I will make my way to Monterrey, Nueva Leon Mexico for a bit of adventure and sight-seeing, before heading back into the US on Thursday and making my way to my next show in Montgomery, AL this Friday....Monterrery to Montgomery...hmmm..that has a nice ring to it . This trip has been one that will stick with me for a long time. 

I've had the chance to make new friends and fans and just as importantly, I've spent time with close friends and family in their natural environments. Over and over again, my friends and supporters have shown me so much kindness and generosity which I do not take for granted. As this tour approaches it's final leg, I'm more aware more than ever, of how thankful I am for the friendship and love of the people who care about me. Without them, this trip would never have happened. With only 4 shows left to this tour, I find myself in Corpus Christi, Texas feeling nostalgic...feels like I've been gone for 1 year, not just 2.5 months. 

The last show of the tour will be in Athens, GA on Tuesday Nov. 15th. From there, I'll drive to Jesup, GA to attend a 10 day meditation retreat. During that time, I will have no access to computers, phones, or social media...Talk about a mental de-tox! 

Halfway Across The United States

I've now crossed the country from New Jersey to McClave, CO which is only about 70 miles from the Texas border and around 200 miles from Denver. The land is arid, stark, and wide open. Only a about 200 yards from the house I'm staying at (courtesy of my good friend Kellie of Kellie's Wildlife) are the tire tracks of the Santa Fe Trail. About 500 yards away is the river that served as the border between the United States and Mexico until 1840 after the US prevailed in the Mexican American War.

As I'm come further west, history seems to be more alive in people's minds. There seems to be a stronger recognition of the importance of Native American culture paired with a better understanding of the history of this country. Buffalo roamed these plains not that terribly long ago. The vastness of this landmass and the weight and importance of history have come more alive as I"ve come west. Existing in vast spaces like the American West/Southwest seem to create space inside of me and space is so important to creativity....I"m very much enjoying this part of the world....It is so different from what I'm accustomed to. I've been a lot of places but this region of the world feels especially inspirational...Just as inspiring as my travels in South America. I feel that I'm being introduced to a world that was right under my nose but that I'd never taken the time to dig into.

Above The Trees Tour Begins!

Above The Trees Tour Begins!

The tour is off to a great start! Highlights so far have been driving all night from Nashville, TN to Asbury Park, NJ ending up hanging out with the seagulls on the shoreline, hanging with New York City with good friends Sal, Ashley, and Fred, checking out the moonrise over the ocean at 2:30AM, and the house show here on the Jersey coast with Colton Kayser, Brother Andrew, and Matt Brown, and songwriting with Sal in his home studio. I'm so glad I brought my bike along on the trip. I've been taking some cool rides through town here in Asbury Park.  You can feel the history in this place, both musical and non-musical. There is no doubt there is a special, creative energy in this region. You can tell that this area has exploded in the last few years with tons of new restaurants and eateries having opened up. I'm sure that just like Nashville there is good and bad to the place being popular. That's all for now. I'll plan on updating my blog weekly.