Halfway Across The United States

I've now crossed the country from New Jersey to McClave, CO which is only about 70 miles from the Texas border and around 200 miles from Denver. The land is arid, stark, and wide open. Only a about 200 yards from the house I'm staying at (courtesy of my good friend Kellie of Kellie's Wildlife) are the tire tracks of the Santa Fe Trail. About 500 yards away is the river that served as the border between the United States and Mexico until 1840 after the US prevailed in the Mexican American War.

As I'm come further west, history seems to be more alive in people's minds. There seems to be a stronger recognition of the importance of Native American culture paired with a better understanding of the history of this country. Buffalo roamed these plains not that terribly long ago. The vastness of this landmass and the weight and importance of history have come more alive as I"ve come west. Existing in vast spaces like the American West/Southwest seem to create space inside of me and space is so important to creativity....I"m very much enjoying this part of the world....It is so different from what I'm accustomed to. I've been a lot of places but this region of the world feels especially inspirational...Just as inspiring as my travels in South America. I feel that I'm being introduced to a world that was right under my nose but that I'd never taken the time to dig into.

Tim McNary

McNary Entertainment, 702 South 17th Street, Shelby Hills, TN, 37206

Tim McNary started writing songs during the 2 years he spent volunteering and backpacking in South America after college. During the past 5 years, Tim has performed hundreds of shows around the Southeast and shared the stage with The Civil Wars and Griffin House, among many others. He has been compared to Ryan Adams, Ben Howard, and Damien Rice.

He has been featured in the New & Notable section of the popular singer-songwriter web site Noisetrade, received air time on Lightning 100 in Nashville, and was Runner-Up at the well-regarded Eddie’s Attic Bi-Annual Shoot-Out  held in November, 2014. He will be releasing his 3rd EP, Above The Trees,  on April 8th, 2016.